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Thanks to more than 19,000 Secret Santas, we raised more than £430,000 for vulnerable children in the UK this Christmas.

Your donations have helped pay for a child to have a hot meal, buy clothing to keep them warm during the winter, and give them a safe place to sleep. They don’t know who it was that made sure they were fed, or that they felt loved, but you know that you’ve made their Christmas that little bit brighter.

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How Action for Children helps

We step in to make sure a child’s needs are met when times get really tough. Our emergency fund gives families with urgent needs one-off financial support.
Our Family Partners project helps prevent and reduce neglect, giving parents the practical skills to make positive changes, and empowering them to overcome difficulties.
Our counselling service Breaking the Cycle gives children and young people affected by domestic abuse a voice, helping them talk about their feelings and learn vital coping skills.

Make someone a Secret Santa

Make a donation on behalf of your friends or family, and get a personalised certificate to send to your chosen Santa.


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Each time we recruit a new Secret Santa, another part of our map lights up.


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Letters from Santa

Read through some of the messages that our Secret Santas have left. You can create your own after you donate!

Every child deserves to open a present and have fun on Christmas day.

Janet Glowing-Sprig

Let us ensure that each and every child has a magical Christmas.

Carolyn Majestic-Tinsel

48 more sleeps! Time to recruit lots more Santas!

Sarah Stinky-Pud

Help a child feel loved this Christmas and let them know that someone cares. Be a Secret Santa today.

Christopher Glowing-Eggnog

Any change from your pocket will change a kid's whole Christmas, please donate.

Kimberley Frosty-Sprig

All children deserve to be happy, warm, safe & fed all year round - please make a regular donation!

Nate Happy-Pants

I love my own child so much, I want to share some of that with another - will you join me?

Kate Sparkly-Beard

I've decided to become a Secret Santa as there are too many children in poverty this Christmas.

Nicki Magical-Cracker

I'm very happy to be a secret Santa. All children should have a Christmas with love and warmth.

Liz Glowing-Holly

Get involved - make a difference to a child who really needs help.

Jackie Jingly-Holly